Southwestern Healthcare provides quality administrative support services for our affiliated organizations (Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare, Hillcrest Youth Services, and Friends of Mental Health). Each of our administrative service areas lends itself to a unique set of skills that are unmatched. Southwestern Healthcare knows that working collaboratively with our affiliated organizations makes us stronger. This strength invites quality service delivery, innovation, and growth in the mental health and addiction industry. The list of services below is not comprehensive but does highlight the main administrative service areas of our organization.


The Administration Department consists of the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and an Executive Assistant. The department is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all administrative operations of Southwestern Healthcare and its Affiliates including Communications, Compliance, Facilities, Finance, Health Information Management, Human Resources, Information Technology and Patient Financial Services. The CEO is also responsible for the strategic collaboration and coordination of services between Southwestern Healthcare, Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare, Hillcrest Youth Services, and Friends of Mental Health and is a member of the Board of Directors of each organization.

Contact Our Department:
P: 812.436.4231
F: 812.436.4314


The Communications Department consists of a Communications Manager, Communication Assistant and interns from local universities. This department is entrusted in assuring that the community is provided with a professional and accurate representation of the programs and services provided by Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. and its affiliated organizations. This department oversees communications, marketing, public relations, advertising and employee relations activities as well as image branding and public awareness campaigns for mental health and addictions.

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P: 812.436.4221
F: 812.436.4314

Corporate Compliance and Health Information Management

The Compliance Department consists of a Corporate Compliance Director and a Corporate Compliance Specialist.  This department is responsible for detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse in our organization.  The department uses internal controls to efficiently monitor adherence to applicable laws and regulations. The department also effects change as necessary in the organization to achieve regulatory compliance.

The Health Information Management (HIM) Department consists of a Supervisor, a HIM Specialist and HIM Assistants.  This department is responsible for acquiring, analyzing and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care including authorizations to release protected health information (PHI).

Contact Our Department:
P: 812.436.4222
F: 812.422.7558


The Facilities Department consists of a Facilities Manager, Purchasing and Scheduling Agent, Lead Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Technicians, and Housekeeping staff.

This department maintains all facilitates owned by Southwestern Healthcare or operated by its Affiliates.  Areas of responsibilities in this department include:

  • Maintaining a scheduling and work order program
  • Providing daily preventative facility maintenance
  • Coordinating or completing minor to major renovation projects
  • Coordinating with outside contractors
  • Analyzing utility cost savings and efficiencies
  • Addressing and resolving facility needs with tenants
  • Repairing large and small equipment
  • Maintaining lawns and landscaping
  • Cleaning of facilities

Contact Our Department:
P: 812.436.4380
F: 812.436.4314


The Finance Department consists of an Accounting Manager, a Staff Accountant and an Accounting Associate. This department is responsible for accounts payable and receivables, financial statements, the representative payee program and many more cash flow related functions.

Contact Our Department:
P: 812.436.4335
F: 812.436.4314

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides the organization with the structure and ability to meet business needs through managing our most valuable resources – our employees. The Human Resources Department collaborates with all departments in a proactive, strategic manner to maximize the potential, importance and value of all employees. Our vision is to be recognized for Human Resources excellence and as a premier employer.

Our areas of responsibility include:

  • Strategic partner in the formulation and implementation of the organization’s strategies
  • Employment and employee relations
  • Benefits design and administration
  • Compensation and performance management
  • Promoting a culture that recognizes and values diversity
  • Equal opportunity and legal compliance
  • Payroll
  • Recruiting employees of the highest quality
  • Wellness
  • Employee training and development

The Human Resources Department consists of a Human Resources Director, a Corporate Recruiter, an HR Generalist, and an HR/Payroll Specialist.

Contact Our Department:
P: 812.436.4332
F: 812.424.1893

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department consists of an IT Director, Applications Manager, Systems Engineer, Systems Specialist, Billing Systems Specialist, and Help Desk Technicians. This department provides information technology to support Southwestern Healthcare and its Affiliates. Departmental responsibilities include providing up-to-date technology in a secure and modern work environment. In addition, our specialized applications team is responsible for consistent and accurate data submission on our main state contract, and maintaining and developing the electronic health record, the internal employee resource website and other miscellaneous applications.

Patient Financial Services

The Patient Financial Services Department consists of a Director, Supervisor and Patient Financial Service Representatives. This department is responsible for the medical billing, collections and provider credentialing.

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812.436.4316 Fax