From helping someone learn more about their illness in an effort to better understand and manage it, to learning how to effectively and confidently use public transportation, staff in Southwestern’s Community Resource Program’s (CSP) are actively engaged in helping individuals regain a sense of self and self worth.

The debilitating effects of having a severe and persistent mental illness are significant and comprehensive, even when positive symptoms are well managed. Many everyday tasks most of us take for granted are overwhelming or seem insurmountable. And, caring for one’s own spiritual, recreational, social, and leisure needs is often not even an after thought.

Through focused Skills Training, CSP staff strives to work with individuals to rebuild their lives one step at a time. The focus is to assist them in accumulating small victories in an effort to achieve a larger objective or goal.

When needed, Case Management Services are also available to provide ongoing assessment and treatment planning, linkage and referral, and advocacy.